1952 - 2002

50th Anniversary

of the

'Hammer Circle'


The Beginnings

Prior to the 2nd world war there were two names in British hammer throwing. Tom Nicholson whose record of 50.84mtrs stood aladdin tickets from 1908 until broken by Malcolm Nokes with a throw of 52.76mtrs in 1923 . This record remained unbroken for 24 years!. Nokes went on to gain 3rd place in the 1924 Olympics with a throw 48.48mtrs.

Just before the war, a Jack Freeborn! had an influence on a man by the name of Dennis Cullum. After 6 years in the army Cullum, who had a German textbook on hammer throwing translated, set about learning this 'new technique'.kinky boots tickets (It should be remembered that the Germans Karl Hein and Erwin Blask under the guidance of Sepp Christmann had worked out the 'heel and toe' turn during the mid 1930's) Such was Cullumís success that he achieved international selection.

Cullum realised that something had to be done to keep the event alive in British Athletics. with a few enthusiastic throwers, in a small cafe at the Alperton Athletics Track in 1952. was born. At the time the British record Chance The Rapper tickets stood at 56.02mtrs (Duncan Clarke), whilst the world record had moved on to 61.25mtrs. (The current British record stands at 77.54mtrs with u2 tickets the World record at 86.74mtrs!) (still going strong) is probably the oldest specialist athletics club in the world. The one objective being 'to advance and promote Hammer throwing in the U.K.'seo web hosting Through the years the membership has included the names of many highly ranked throwers and coaches.

The Hammer Circle ensures:-

  • That hammer competitions and results are broadcast/printed.
  • That the event is not 'tampered ' with.
  • That women's and veteranís hammer throwing is promoted.

Ten specialist hammer clubs promote the event. (there is probably a club near you)

A Light Hammer winter handicap is organised for members.

In October each year, a reunion is held, currently at Grendon Hall in Northampton, from Friday evening till Sunday afternoon. It is attended by guest speakers, and includes expert coaching and competitions.wayback machine alternative Achievement awards are made recognising performances of both promising and experienced performers.

The Hammer Circle has a wealth of experience, friendship and support to offer you

Why not join this unique club and lend your support to the

promotion of this superb athletic event